Kenneth Kanfoush

Kenneth Kanfoush, RN

HSCT Transplant
University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

Ken is a compassionate, caring nurse who serves as a role model for his peers. As an example, Ken once had an ICU patient with severe skin graft vs. host disease. During one bath time, Ken opted to use disposable wash cloths with soap and water as opposed to bath packs. After making sure the water was the right temperature, he gently and caringly blotted the patient’s skin clean. He then involved the patient’s caregiver to help apply lotion. The bath took a while but Ken refused to be hurried. The caregiver later praised him for his compassion and loving way of caring for the patient. It was a beautiful moment. Ken also functions as a preceptor and as a charge nurse when needed. His calm demeanor and sense of humor often help make a difficult situation easier to bear.