Ken Edwards

Ken Edwards

Ken Edwards, RN

Hospital Supervisor
Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center
Alamogordo, New Mexico
United States
Ken's sense of humor is a lifeline in stressful events and he has a wealth of knowledge and teaches as he goes.

Ken is the best nurse ever. In thinking about how difficult and busy our unit is at all times, I wanted to take some time to say how he keeps morale up even on the busiest of nights. I don’t know what night shifts would do without Ken. I know I am not the only night nurse that feels this way. Every person on our unit and night nurses around the hospital feel the same; nights when Ken works we are all happy and blessed because we know he somehow had our backs.

Ken will bend over backward for both patients and the staff. He always shows up for codes and jumps right into any situation to help. Ken is always positive and helpful no matter what is going on. He keeps his attitude in check and is encouraging. He anticipates unit needs before the staff even asks for them. It is like he reads our minds. His sense of humor is a lifeline in stressful events and he has a wealth of knowledge and teaches as he goes.


I personally am honored and touched to know that someone as deserving as Ken is recognized down to the staff level. I say this because one of my mantras is our support and advocacy in leadership should always be attuned to the grassroots employees that make great patient experiences and care happen. I also know how dedicated Ken is to our patients and community because he has pushed and advocated on behalf of staff needs and situations as long as I have known him.

When I first came to Gerald Champion, it was an extremely difficult challenge for me to get to know my team and then to win their support and trust. Ken was the first to take pity on me and my situation and teach me the ropes. Now that I look back on exactly what was challenging to them, I have to hand it to Ken, he never wavered and always treated my lack of knowledge with the greatest of respect, and then probably went and fixed my messes with his smiling attitude. I think of Ken as an example of the essence of Standards of Behavior, PRIDE: Professional, Respectful, Innovative, Dedicated, and as demonstrated from the remarks of the nurse who wanted him recognized, he is definitely Engaged.