Kelly Zaborowski

Kelly Zaborowski

Kelly Zaborowski, RN

Beaumont Hospital - Dearborn
Dearborn, Michigan
United States
It was like Kelly was family whom we had known our entire lives. She empathized with us and was so compassionate.

Kelly and I cared for the patient and I believe she deserves recognition for her every day hard work. Below is the letter that was written by the patient's daughter. 

You both went above and beyond! You were there for us through every single part of our stay. I never felt in the way, even as I laid in bed with my mom, you always made us feel a part of her care and needed. You both knew exactly what to say, and when to say it. You weren't just there to do a job and go home, you both would stay past the time you were supposed to go home to be there for our family and our mom, you would miss lunch, or breaks to be there for us. You never rushed us in our decisions, but instead would hold our hands during the tough times. It was like you were family whom we had known our entire lives. You both empathized with us and were so compassionate. You always made sure our mom looked comfortable and switched her position. You advocated for our mom, and for us and we can never thank you enough for that. You made sure to show my mom respect and talk to her while you performed procedures, or pulled the curtain for privacy, all things my mom would have appreciated very much. Thank you for being our 'bouncer' and kicking everyone out of the room when I needed a minute to take in what the neurologist was saying and cry with Mom. Thank you for being there with boxes of tissues and chairs ready when we were told about our mom’s CT scan. Just the look in both of your eyes showed you cared and that nursing is definitely your calling. You had patience with us even though we asked the same question probably a thousand times, you understood our knowledge of the medical field and didn't talk down to us when explaining the situation about our mom, and we appreciated that. Thank you for being such amazing nurses, and compassionate, caring individuals, our family appreciated you both very much and I couldn't 't have asked for two better people to share the journey with.

Although we were both recognized in the letter, I would really like to recognize Kelly for her compassionate care towards this family. Thank you, Kelly.