Kelly Tausend

Kelly Tausend

Kelly Tausend, BSN, RN, RNC-NIC, CPN

Cook Children's Medical Center
Fort Worth, Texas
United States
Kelly made a positive impact on a negative situation.

Kelly took care of my daughter for two days. She is very kind, patient, nice, and always was very helpful.


Kelly went above and beyond to make me feel that my infant son is more than just another patient, but that he is important. She always explains everything she is going to do first and asks, "Are you OK and comfortable with me doing that?" before proceeding. She took the time to stop and get me a swing for my baby. It may seem like nothing more than her job to you but as a mom who is now on her second hospital stay with her infant and one who has seen many nurses, in this time she was amazing. She made a positive impact on a negative situation, and that's not easy to do for a tired, run-down, emotionally drained mom of a sick infant.