Kelly Hanson

Kelly Hanson

Kelly Hanson, RN

Pediatric General Medicine/Surgery Unit
UW Health
Madison, Wisconsin
United States

My daughter came to Wisconsin as an exchange student. She was enjoying a wonderful year when she experienced unexpected bleeding on her brain and was rushed to AFCH, and I received a call to come as soon as possible from Germany to Madison. For the first few weeks, my daughter was in critical condition in the PICU. It was a milestone when she was deemed by the doctors to be stable enough to move out of intensive care. The doctors, nurses, and therapists have been wonderful but one nurse stands out to me as being exceptional.

Kelly Hanson made my daughter's transition to general care easy for me. She has a wonderful smile and I cannot help but smile as well. Kelly knows how to make those around her feel comfortable and confident by her helpful and friendly attitude. Knowing that I am not a fluent English speaker, Kelly is always patient with me, making certain that I understand what she is doing. Most of all I have appreciated how much thought she gives to making everyone comfortable. She always puts my daughter's needs first, thinking about what she can do to make her and our family most comfortable. She does more than just "be a nurse." She talks to me several times a day to let me know what is happening.

Kelly is very organized. She keeps the white board in my daughter's room up-to-date and this helps me so much and makes me feel like more than just a parent but rather part of the team that is helping my daughter. In everything she does, Kelly shows me how important it is to be part of the AFCH team.

Kelly worked to coordinate the medical flight from Wisconsin to our home in Germany. Kelly went above and beyond, and communicated with us so that we knew what was happening so that we can also book our flights home so that we can arrive home in Germany with our daughter.

Kelly is that bit of sunshine that makes every day she is with my daughter easier for us all! She is so deserving of a DAISY Award.