Kelly Ellis

Kelly Ellis, RN, CCRN

Robert Packer Hospital
Sayre, Pennsylvania
United States

We live 12 hours away and we had to communicate multiple times by telephone and Kelly Ellis was so very helpful both to us and my uncle, the patient. I can’t say enough good about Kelly. I feel she went above and beyond for our family. She made a difficult situation easier.
My brother was in ICU seriously ill. Kelly was very helpful, kind, and considerate at this difficult time. She asked him questions for me (on the telephone as I live 600 miles away), then took the telephone to him. There was a mix up in his understanding of treatment and she put forth effort to straighten it out. He received the care and treatment he needed because of her sincere interest in the patient. Thanks for everything.
Kelly was instrumental in communication clarity between family and patient with the doctor personally and on telephone calls so the doctor was able to receive clear understanding of their wishes. My wife’s family really appreciated and was impressed with Kelly professionally and compassionately, patiently going way beyond the ordinary.