Kelly DeKoyer

Kelly DeKoyer, RN

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

Nomination #1

Kelly was more that just a "Nurse" for my son. She was constantly keeping us informed about the plan if he was due for a procedure. Not only that, she made sure that we would be safe if something was being planned for him. She made patient safety a priority which is very important. With her love and caring, she helped my son be in a much better place.

Nomination #2 Email written to Kelly's Nurse Manager -

I just wanted to drop you a note about what a wonderful job one of the nurses did with a general pediatrics patient who landed on your unit. Kelly not only tended to our little patient's medical needs with experience and wisdom, but she was just amazing with the mom. The mother is a first time mom at the age of 41 and not much support or guidance in the ways of raising a baby. Kelly built a trusting relationship with this anxious and uninformed mother and used the time that her baby was in the hospital to help this mom. She taught her how to better understand the baby's underlying condition (asthma, allergies, GER, and superimposed bronchiolitis) as well as a whole host of good parenting skills (e.g. proper feeding, better sleep habits).