Kelly Costello

Kelly Costello

Kelly Costello, RN

Orange Park Medical Center
Orange Park, Florida
United States
Kelly contacted applicable doctors and in fact, was successful in attaining face to face meetings.

Because of a positive blood test on her blood culture, I was contacted by a doctor to bring my wife to the hospital so that her blood could be monitored. During the check-in process, it was determined that she had contracted yet another infection and was so deficient in Potassium that necessitated replenishment. From initially meeting Kelly Costello upon arriving at 9:30 AM until leaving at 7:30 PM, I personally witnessed Kelly’s extraordinary attentiveness to my wife’s care and compassion along with her methodical approach in tackling a myriad of actions to ensure my wife felt like she was the most important patient under her charge.

Indeed, given the circumstances of my wife being admitted, especially on a Sunday when communicating with necessary doctors was a challenging risk, Kelly ensured that each question was properly addressed.  Most important, because I had missed the opportunity to obtain important answers and my wife did not fully understand each doctor’s plan of care, she contacted applicable doctors and in fact, was successful in attaining face to face meetings. 

To ensure my wife was totally comfortable, Kelly often tackled cleaning issues normally completed by nursing assistants, rather than calling someone to accomplish such tasks. Similarly, in discharging her other duties such as administering meds, responding to needs and answering health questions, she always exhibited that caring approach. As you might imagine, one can never presume to understand the degree of anxiety my wife had been experiencing, especially due to fear of the unknown. The courteous and respectful approach, absolutely exemplary professional performance, attentiveness to her needs and effective communications throughout, Kelly had demonstrated was nothing short of phenomenal. Because of intimate involvement as my wife's caregiver, I can personally attest to Kelly’s dedication to making my wife feel as if she was the most important person needing health care, though she was quite busy with other patients.