Kelly Cordel

Kelly Cordel

Kelly Cordel, RN

Outpatient Services
Baptist Memorial Hospital - DeSoto
Southaven, Mississippi
United States

A handicapped, wheelchair & bed bound patient arrived with his mother via public transportation. The patient was four hours R/T - the transportation vehicle had a flat on the way to the hospital. The mother was upset because of the delay.

After the procedure was complete, public transportation was called to pick the patient up at 3:00 pm. The transporter arrived and picked up the patient and mother but soon returned them to the hospital. The transporter took them to Walgreens on highway 51 to drop off the prescription and had told the mother of the patient that he had to go pick up his children. He said he couldn't drive them home to Shannon, MS which is a 2 hour drive one way, so he returned them to the hospital.

The mother was pushing her son, the patient, in a wheelchair back to outpatient. By this time the mother was very upset, crying and eyes were swollen. The public transportation company was called and said the driver would be there at 1800. At 1900 transportation still had not arrived. Kelly Cordel, RN offered to drive them home. The mother accepted and Kelly took them to pick up their prescriptions and drove 4 hours round trip after working her shift to take them home.

This was above and beyond for Kelly to take them home. Kelly is an excellent nurse with a heart of gold. She is an example to us all.