Kelly Calnan

Kelly Calnan

Kelly Calnan, BSN, RN

5West, Lahey Hospital
Lahey Health
Burlington, Massachusetts
United States

...Having been transferred from the Emergency Room at a very late hour I was fortunate to wake up to meet Kelly on February 1. She was my day nurse for the two days I spent on the floor. Having spent many days at Lahey Hospital in the past few years I can only express my opinion that Kelly stands out among many care givers. From my first encounter with Kelly I had the feeling that she was kind, considerate, showed me respect and was looking out for my well-being.

No matter what was requested it wasn't a problem, she would check with the Doctors and it was done or a reason was given why it wasn't done at that time. Her open communication style and professional manner was much appreciated. My room was at the end of the hall furthest from the nurses' station and she was there in a flash if I needed anything or if my heart rate changed because I had gotten out of bed. Her smile and easy going manner was very reassuring as I waited for test results and the Doctors were making decisions about what next steps to take.

She was friendly and kind to my wife who was visiting and even found her a more comfortable chair as she sat with me for hours at a time. Because it was a weekend the Doctors were covering a large number of patients so they did not check in at a specific time. Kelly kept me informed about what the Doctors were planning as next steps and also kept the Doctors updated about my condition. I know this sounds like "what she should be doing" however it was done in a way that made me feel like she wanted to keep me in the loop and made me feel well cared for. She educated me on the tests and procedures being undertaken and when I requested a change of diet to include Ensure it was cleared immediately and available at my next meal.

This stay was during one of our many snowy weeks and there was a question about releasing me if a storm was coming. Kelly reassured me that I would be staying if it was a safety issue and if my wife could not come to pick me up, they would arrange a cab to drive me home. The storm did hit but I was able to get home on Tuesday February 2nd without incident.

Kelly explained what was happening, arranged to have it all done in a timely fashion and checked in as soon as I arrived back on the floor. Each evening Kelly stopped into my room at 7PM to say she was leaving and would be back the next day. The first night Kelly actually stayed until 7:45 to bring in the night nurse to introduce me to her and explained what my condition was. She was off on Monday and made a special stop to say she would be back Tuesday if I was still there. I felt like she had a special interest in me and my recovery and I really appreciated the extra touch.

I can't thank Kelly enough and that is why I am recommending her for the DAISY Award.