Kelly Brandimarto

Kelly Brandimarto

Kelly Brandimarto, RN, PCCN

Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Eastern Regional Medical Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

As a new nurse, I've realized that there are two keys to becoming successful in this field. First and foremost is clinical knowledge, as patient safety comes first. Second is compassion. I've been fortunate to meet so many incredible mentors throughout my two years. The woman I want to nominate is not someone I have directly worked with, but has still managed to have an incredible impact on my career. Her clinical judgment and compassion is exceptional. She works nights, however her care is something that radiates into the day shift. Kelly Brandimarto.

There are many examples of how Kelly sacrifices herself for the happiness of others. Kelly has come into work half of a holiday shift, so that another nurse could enjoy thanksgiving with her family. Once there was a patient on our unit who was with us for several months. This patient was always chilly and asking for more blankets. One morning I walked in and found a beautiful quilt over the patient. I asked the patient and family where the blanket came from and they replied "From Kelly." What a thoughtful act of kindness.

There was another night where Kelly worked her night shift, left at 7:45am, drove home and by 12:30pm that Sunday afternoon she returned with a smiling face and her son. There was a patient who was admitted to our floor and was here for at least a week. His wife and 13 year old son were in his room every day with him. Kelly thought that it would be nice if she brought her son in so that the boys could play together. Kelly took the patient's wife and son out to lunch and the two boys played basketball together. It was a wonderful distraction for the family and I am very touched by the love and affection she always shows to her patients.

Kelly is an incredible nurse and exceptional person.