Kelly Beverson

Kelly Beverson

Kelly Beverson, RN, BSN

Orange Regional Medical Center
Middletown, New York
United States

It is with tremendous pride and admiration that I submit this nomination for Kelly Beverson, RN, to receive The DAISY Award for her outstanding attitude, generosity, and willingness to go above and beyond not only for her patients and their families, but for her coworkers as well.

Always looking to make Orange Regional Medical Center a "home at work," Kelly has organized the break room, started a sharing library, and decorated a 3 South "Celebration Board" to commemorate all of the exciting events that that place both on our unit, and in the personal lives of our tight-knit staff. Kelly donates her own time and money to these projects, paying special attention to detail, ensuring that all who see them understand that they were made with great care. Kelly's passion for helping others is contagious, as is her "team" attitude and her fun, high-energy approach to patient care.

Recently, an LPN was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's lymphoma. The grueling treatments made it impossible for her to continue working. To raise money for her and her daughter, Kelly organized a tremendously successful bake sale, quilt raffle, and 50/50. She inspired nurses from all units to come together, donating time, baked goods, and baskets to be raffled off in the name of helping a coworker. Even physicians have gotten involved, not only buying pies, cookies, and cakes, but taking up a collection of their own for her.

Kelly also drives her to the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Philadelphia, PA to undergo treatments, spending several days each time taking her friend to each appointment and giving her the comfort she needs to fight her disease.

Despite any challenge or obstacle she may face, Kelly's nursing care consistently goes above and beyond. She serves as a valiant advocate for her patients and their families. Often, Kelly can be found in a patient's room, holding their hand as they take their final breath, or consoling distraught family members who are frustrated or overwhelmed.

Kelly is constantly developing new ideas and concepts to make the unit run more efficiently. Her keen peripheral vision allows her to see when her coworkers and patients need help before they even have the opportunity to ask for it. Her contribution to ORMC, and to nursing as a profession is absolutely undeniable. It is important that Kelly be recognized for the positive impact she has on those around her every day.