Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson, RN

Special Care Unit
Bridgton Hospital
Bridgton, Maine
United States

Kelly Anderson has not worked on the Inpatient Unit for very long, but she has left her mark and impression on everyone as being a very kind and compassionate nurse, one who exemplifies a DAISY. One weekend Kelly was challenged with two patients with dementia, in rooms next door to each other, both very busy. One patient was especially busy, and many staff members tried various methods of occupying the patient and keeping him occupied. This patient was brought out to the SCU desk, and, since a staff member had noticed that this patient liked to read, as evening came, the book The Velveteen Rabbit appeared. The patient would read one page aloud, and Kelly read the next. This patient looked so intent yet happy to be reading with someone, that after reading this book together he went back into his room and sat in his chair. A little while later it was noted that he was asleep in his chair with a blanket over him. Kelly Anderson was creative, found something that this patient enjoyed, and took the time to sit and read with him. In everything that Kelly does, she shows compassion and advocacy for her patients. She truly is a DAISY!