Kellie Freeborn

Kellie Freeborn, NP

Owen Clinic
UC San Diego Health System
San Diego, California
United States

My beloved brother was a patient at the Owen Clinic. His condition was slowly deteriorating when he moved in with my family. As soon as he arrived back in San Diego, he was seen the same week at the clinic. He was assigned to Kellie Freeborn, NP. I would go with him to the clinic whenever he felt that he needed some assistance but for the most part he would go himself. He was a very independent man. I came to know Kellie better as his condition worsened after suffering a stroke that same year. The stroke left him with mild neurological deficits. He was HIV+ for 18 plus years and was very compliant with his medication. I would go with him each time he met with Kellie at his request. He just adored Kellie and I could see that they had an excellent rapport. She is so professional. Her level of care and concern for Michael was more than my family and I could ever expect. She helped us with everything. Whenever anything needed to be done, she was either on the phone calling an individual who could assist us or giving us contact information. She would be so aware of his health status that when we walked into see her, she knew what had already occurred without us even mentioning it. She was in close contact with his team of physicians and this brought a sense of security to us. The pharmacy also helped extensively in an effort to get all the medications he required with insurance issues. Kellie would initiate all referrals that she felt he required.
One evening Kellie and another physician were doing rounds and stopped by my brother’s room on the 11th floor. I could tell by her compassion and mannerism how the whole clinic is run. It was an honor to meet Kellie and I would like to thank you for your tireless research and time in the fight against AIDS/HIV.
It would be a dream if Kellie received the DAISY Award. Her work ethic is superb. I have been in the health care industry for 38 plus years and have never met a nurse quite like her. There are no words to express our sincere appreciation for her. She is one of God's angels on Earth, doing his work.
Kellie is like no other-just phenomenal. While my brother was progressively deteriorating I was unable to be by his side 24 hours. I was there at 7:00am each day to be there for rounds but had had to leave for work and then I would come back at 4:00pm with my Mom. Just about every day, Kellie would visit with my brother at her lunchtime to check on him to be sure he was okay. She would leave me a little note documenting her visit. For that, my family and I will be forever grateful.
Thank you for all that you do.