Kelli Boyer

Kelli Boyer, RN

Palliative Care
Bakersfield Memorial Hospital
Bakersfield, California
United States

Kelli went above and beyond her duties. If not for Kelli I don't think we will be able to discharge our patient back to his temple. Kelli went out of her way to help this patient get the proper place he needs to go so he can have peace and comfort. ... Kelli is awesome with what she does. We do appreciate her help in transitioning our long term patient to hospice. She has her way of explaining things to the family for the patient's comfort. She is passionate with what she does. I have a lot of respect for you, Kelli. Thanks for your help every time we call you. ... Kelli called 2 days ago. I was feeling alone and frightened. At first I was abrupt with her until I sensed her kindness and intelligence. Today we met for about 2 hours. Kelli helped me sort out my feelings, she answered my questions and with her guidance I made plans for my husband. This is one person I will never forget. She gave me the right help at the right time. God bless her.