Kelley Cranor

Kelley Cranor, RN

Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center
Chanute, Kansas
United States

Kelly Cranor, a medical/surgical floor nurse, was nominated for her great compassion to patients.

One of her nominations was submitted by a daughter of a patient. The daughter wrote, "I have sisters who live by two large hospitals, Mayo and Duke, and they are consistently impressed with the care my mother receives at your hospital. Kelley, one of her nurses, even came in on her afternoon off and took my mother for a stroll outside to see the flowers."

A fellow co-worker, Bridget Barger, also wrote a nomination for Cranor relating the tale of Kelley, coming in on her day off to visit with an elderly patient and taking her on a wheel chair ride. "Another time, Kelley had a patient who had a poor appetite, nothing tasted good. She asked him what sounded good. He replied Kentucky Fried Chicken. [The nearest KFC is over 40 miles away.] The next day, she brought him KFC, but he had already been dismissed to the nursing home. So, Kelley took the KFC to her patient at the nursing home."

From bringing birthday cards and birthday cakes, Kelley shows her great compassion to her patients and goes out of her way to help make their days brighter.