Kazuyuki Nemoto

Kazuyuki Nemoto

Kazuyuki Nemoto, RN

O'Connor Hospital
San Jose, California
United States
I could see Kaz's devotion to his career, his exceptional respect, and kindness.

I came to O'Connor Emergency in extreme pain from diverticulitis, which required a lot of tests and painful treatments. I came to the ortho unit and had tremendous care and support from the nurses, aids, and housekeepers; they were great.

One nurse was so extraordinary that I wanted to nominate him for this award.  His name is Kaz Nemoto.  He is a 32-year-old young man who was so caring and kind to this 74-year-old woman.  I saw him on 3 different shifts while I was at the hospital, always smiling and sweet.  One night I had some pain and was emotional.  Kaz brought my medication right away and then stayed and talked with me for several moments, or, should I say "listened" to me.

It was a lovely few moments of compassionate care.  I could see his devotion to his career, his exceptional respect, and kindness.  I know he was the one who gave the chaplain a heads up about me as she was there the next day.  Kaz has it all: Passion, Caring, Integrity, Respect, and Stewardship.