Kayola Brown

Kayola Brown, RN

Baptist Memorial Hospital - Memphis
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

Kayola went above and beyond what most people would do for a patient. The Starbucks downstairs was closed and I really wanted some coffee. Kayola said that she would bring me some when she was going to come into work the next day. She stopped by the Starbucks on Poplar while she was on her way to work, and picked up a coffee for me. Kayola wouldn’t even allow me to pay her. Acts of kindness such as this really help me to feel cared for and special. It gave me a sense of being a person in need of help during my recovery, instead of just another patient. I felt a connection with her. I’m grateful for her attitude and caring spirit. She has given me a model of the type of person that we should strive to be like. She really eased my anxiety.