Kayla Young

Kayla Young

Kayla Young, RN

Progressive Care Unit
Confluence Health - Central Washington Hospital
Wenatchee, Washington
United States

I have COPD, CHF, kidney disease, and a bacterial infection in my blood, and I am diabetic.  Kayla Young was a ray of sunshine in my room. She did a super job of monitoring my blood sugars, explaining carb intake, and taking time to closely monitor my oxygen levels.

All my nurses were top notch, but Kayla’s bright, encouraging, loving personality along with excellent care was beyond exceptional.  It is such an honor to give my vote for Kayla to receive The DAISY Award.


My dad was in this hospital for 5 days and he received outstanding care from all the nurses and the entire staff!  However, one nurse was especially wonderful, Kayla.  My dad felt so loved by her.  On top of being an exceptionally skilled nurse, she was the most cheerful, light up the room kind of girl.  My dad kept jokingly asking her for a beer.  She was so sweet – she had room service deliver a diet root “beer” to him! My dad enjoyed her so much he wanted to take her home!  Thanks for the great care.