Kayla Habhab

Kayla Habhab

Kayla Habhab, RN

Acute Care
UnityPoint Health - Fort Dodge
Fort Dodge, Iowa
United States
What impressed me the most was how Kayla was able to handle talking to the wife and daughter.

As a co-worker and charge nurse that has had the opportunity to work with Kayla, I can say that she is a nurse that truly cares for her patients and spends time getting to know her patients on a personal level. One particular event stands out in my mind.

We were just finishing Kayla's last night of charge nurse orientation when while rounding on a patient she found him non-responsive. Kayla and I sprang into action, quickly beginning CPR and calling a code blue. The patient had been admitted just a couple of days prior and had been anticipating discharge in the morning. This was completely unexpected. We tried everything to revive the patient. The code team did everything they could. The patient did not make it. I helped Kayla call the patient's family during the code and we had the extremely difficult task of calling his wife and daughter to tell them the worst news I will never forget. It was Father's Day. The patient's wife, daughter, and granddaughter made the 40-minute drive to our hospital knowing their husband/father was no longer with us.

What impressed me the most was how Kayla was able to handle talking to the wife and daughter. You could tell she had spent time talking to the patient. She had connected with him and was able to share that with his family. She was able to share how much he had told her he loved his family. How much he adored his young granddaughter. How she had been seen in Urgent Care and now they had matching ID bracelets. He shared how he had talked to his brother on the phone and had talked about their relationship.

The wife and daughter were very appreciative of hearing this. It helped them feel better knowing he had been cared for so well. Kayla was able to reassure them that she had given him a blanket and when she went back to check on him, he had passed, peacefully in his sleep.

Kayla dealt with this situation with empathy, kindness, caring, and professionalism. Because she took the time to get to know her patient, she was able to make this difficult situation a more positive, peaceful experience.