Kayla Ehrlich

Kayla Ehrlich

Kayla Ehrlich, RN, BSN

Sanford Bismarck Pediatrics
Sanford Health Bismarck
Bismarck, North Dakota
United States
Kayla also showed up on her day off just to say "hi" and see how K was doing.

Kayla has taken care of my daughter, K, many times through this sickness. She is so knowledgeable about what she's doing and why which has put us at ease.

K has such a weak stomach while on chemo that I had to run to the store and grab her something she thought she could eat. K doesn't like to be left alone while on chemo and was scared when I left. Kayla stayed with her until I got back, keeping her comfortable and just talking about things to ease her mind. This meant a lot to K and me. Kayla has found out our interests and brings those up in conversation just to keep K’s mind off of her sickness.

I have a 2-year-old who must tag along sometimes during treatment, and Kayla has gone out of her way to play with her and make her as happy as she makes K.

K had to be brought in for a blood transfusion. When we called ahead to see if Kayla was there we found out that her shift ended before we would arrive, but Kayla told us about the next nurse who would come in and how great she was and how she would take great care of K.  Kayla also showed up the next day, which was her day off, just to say “hi” and see how K was doing. There are so many more little things that she has done I could write a book. She exemplifies all the characteristics of a DAISY Nurse. I know she has made what is such a difficult time, so much easier.