Kayla Caton

Kayla Caton

Kayla Caton, RN

Woodland Heights Medical Center
Lufkin, Texas
United States
I appreciate Kayla's kindness.

Kayla’s co-workers and patients have made the following comments about her commitment and dedication:

“She always goes above and beyond."

"She not only takes extraordinary care of her patients, but she is also always willing to help out her co-workers."

"Kayla takes time to make sure she has all of the correct documentation and orders needed to care for her patient."

"I appreciate her kindness."

"Kayla always goes above and beyond to make sure her patients and her unit are taken care of. I know when Kayla is here the day will go by smoother."

"Hands down the best nurse to work with, very professional."

"She's the bomb.com."