Katy Gallo

Katy Gallo

Katy Gallo, BSN, RN, AE-C

Breathing Institute
Children's Hospital Colorado
Aurora, Colorado
United States
Katy always makes a point of taking time during our appointments to stop in to say hi or to make sure everything is going well.

I enthusiastically recommend and support Katy Gallo, RN for the Children's Hospital Colorado DAISY Award. Katy has been a nurse in the Breathing Institute since 2012. I have personally worked by her side on the cystic fibrosis (CF) team since day one. She is so invested in the care of our CF patients and her service to the Colorado CF community as a whole is unmatched. Her consistent kind, caring and empathetic nature is so refreshing and we all value her humble expertise. She always goes above and beyond, providing follow-up calls and messages to families following sick calls, new patient appointments, and missed appointments. She helps me personally coordinate appointments for patients traveling from afar for CF care and for out-of-state referrals. Annually, she coordinates our team's successful participation in the CF Great Strides walk, the largest fundraiser for the national CF Foundation.

She is skilled at building great rapport and is so trusted by our CF providers, our multidisciplinary care team, and most importantly by our patients and families. Above all, I believe her interpersonal skills and expertise in providing family-centered care are her most appreciated and valuable traits.

When discussing this opportunity with one of my CF patient's mothers who is also a nurse, she immediately agreed that Katy is so deserving of this award and offered to write a message. She shared the following, "Katy always makes a point of taking time during our appointments to stop in to say hi or to make sure everything is going well with our current treatment, treatment plan, and life in general. She knows our whole family by name and is genuinely interested in our interests. When contacting Katy at the clinic either by phone or portal, she's prompt, polite, and thorough. She's a well-rounded nurse that represents the nursing field well. Her compassion and enthusiasm for her patients and healthcare show in her daily work. Children's Hospital should be proud to have such an amazing nurse represent their hospital and care."