Katie Gilardi

Katie Gilardi

Katie Gilardi, RN

Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
Santa Rosa, California
United States

I nominate Katie Gilardi as a deserving recipient of the DAISY Award. This nurse exemplifies the kind of nurse that the patients & families as well as Nurses, Physicians, and other members of the Health Care team recognize as an outstanding role model.

Katie is an extraordinary nurse and goes to the maximum assisting her patients. She is extremely thorough and gets along with her patients on a personal level. Since she has a wonderful sense of humor, she can keep the most difficult of patients enjoying her care. If Katie is unsure of what to do, she always enlists the advice of the more experienced nurses, but chooses to enhance her skills by doing it herself. I respect Katie on a personal level, but am also confident of her skills. I feel comfortable in saying that she could take care of me anytime I might be hospitalized. Katie gets along with all physicians, peers, and collaborates with all staff to a common goal. Katie was also chosen to train nursing students, as well as the new RN float hires.

Katie recently received a homeless male patient. This patient had a full beard and long shoulder length hair. He had been on the unit at least 24 hours and had gone through several nursing shifts. Katie noticed that he kept scratching his head. Since she did not have much experience with lice, she initiated help from another nurse on the unit. The other nurse was very familiar with lice and told Katie he definitely was infested. Katie's inital suspicion was correct and she sprang into action.
Katie called the hospitalist and obtained an order for anti-Lice Shampoo and obtained help from the unit secty/care partner. The next thing I knew, the nurses were at the bedside to care for this patient. After discussion with the patient, they shaved the patient's head and beard. (He requested to keep his mustache.) They applied the medication and covered his head with a surgical net. The patient was very pleased and felt much better. He did not mind getting his head and beard shaved at all!

This process took some time but as always, Katie exudes empathy for all of her patients. She was also considerate of the staff who may be working with this patient in the future. Katie deserves the DAISY award. She is without a doubt, DAISY material!