Katie Garvey

Katie Garvey, RN

Mercy Health - Fairfield Heart Hospital
Fairfield, Ohio
United States
Katie had those meds in my room faster than you could blink an eye.

My nurse Katie was absolutely amazing, kind, and caring... everything this award stands for. I was put on NPO for an upper GI test I had. It was supposed to be done early in the am and ended up not getting done until 3:30 pm. I have a very bad back and severe anxiety when it comes to pain because it is a trigger for my seizures.

I was upset and crying; Katie came in and noticed I was very upset. She was very caring and did her absolute best to console me and explain the reasoning behind the NPO and the reason for the delay. She also promised and kept that promise to do everything she could. She called downstairs to explain my situation and see if it could be moved. It couldn't, so she called Dr. M to see what could be done. He came up to see me and told Katie to give me my meds with a small sip of water.

Katie had those meds in my room faster than you could blink an eye. She was always coming in giving me updates and making sure I was ok. More important than me is my sister, who is developmentally delayed, who stayed a couple of nights. Katie was so super kind to her, showed her where she could get a drink or a snack and that just made my sister's day and it shows that Katie goes above and beyond.