Katie Fulkersin

Katie Fulkersin

Katie Fulkersin, RN

Ortho Unit
Miami Valley Hospital

Katie was a very good listener who was concerned with G’s requests and issues. She

was prompt and caring. She always had a smile on her face. She never acted like it was

a bother for him to ask for things. She explained things well and spent time with us. She

brought him turkey sandwiches at night to help him sleep better. She is one of the best

nurses he has had in the entire stay ay MVH and the month he stayed at another hospital.

Katie proved to us she loves and cares about her patients and families. She

wants them to do well medically and she wants them to be happy. Instead of just giving

G medications she tried other comfort techniques for his pain. And it always worked!

Miami Valley Hospital should be proud to have Katie as a nurse and find more just like

her! She makes this hospital shine! Thank you Katie for everything you do!