Katie Crovak

Katie Crovak

Katie Crovak, MSN, RN

Neuro Joint Works
Excela Health Latrobe
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
United States
With Katie's help and support, our unit is able to flow smoothly on a day to day basis.

As a Clinical Coordinator on Joint Works, I see firsthand the passion Katie brings to assist her front line staff in any way possible. The hard work and dedication she provides help staff members to feel supported but also helps to improve our patient care. One great example of her support is her visibility on the unit.

Recently, Katie was rounding on the unit during a particularly busy time. She did not hesitate to jump right in and assist my patient to the bathroom and helped to reposition several other patients while our nurses settled new OR arrivals. Katie even sat in the room feeding a patient dinner. She stayed late on the unit that night to make sure all patients were cared for and the staff was comfortable before leaving. That very same week Katie rounded again on the unit and sat with a very anxious patient. With her presence and company, the patient was able to relax and remain safely seated in his chair without wandering around. Katie's help freed up the primary nurse to take care of others' needs as well. With her help and support, our unit is able to flow smoothly on a day to day basis. Lastly, Katie cares about all of her staff members on a personal level as well and is there to listen no matter what the reason.

For all of these examples and more, the Joint Works staff and I are very grateful to have Katie Crovak as our Nursing Clinical Director.