Katie Crosen

Katie Crosen, RN

Good Samaritan Medical Center (CO)
Lafayette, Colorado
United States

The first time Katie entered the room I remember thinking how beautiful and young she was. As the day was turning to evening Katie had the daunting task of trying to keep the pain levels tolerable as my Mother's vital signs continued to diminish. At one point Katie stated in a very professional way that the hearing is the last to go so for us to talk to her to say what needed to be said. I remember Katie saying just talk to her; she will be able to hear you. As I look back now what an incredible gift Katie gave us. My mother's room was filled with many family members praying and singing over her. The priest had arrived, prayed over her and then left. In the final moments of my mother's life I had the honor and privilege of blessing my mother's eyes, ears, mouth, hands and feet with holy water that she would see the Lord, hear the Lord, speak with the Lord, touch the Lord and walk with the Lord. Her room was filled with much love and as I looked around the room Katie was right there at my Mother's bedside nodding to me that she had passed. Katie stated we could take as much time as we needed. And in her young beautiful way this angel too attended to my mother with professionalism and the utmost dignity during this extremely difficult time.

Katie Crosen, a personal thank you from me to you and from all the family members for going above and beyond to do your job duties, and for displaying exemplary customer service. May life be good to you and your family!