Katie Blank

Katie Blank, RN

Watertown Regional Medical Center
Watertown, Wisconsin
United States

Katie was taking care of a critical patient in the ED. The patient went into respiratory failure and intubation was done. She was initially hypotensive and fluid resuscitation was completed. She was being transferred to UW but was waiting for a bed. Within two hours of arrival, Katie noted an alert on the monitor showing an elevation in V2. She retook another EKG and immediately gave it to me because it was abnormal. In comparing with the initial EKG it was found that the patient was having a STEMI. UW was called and cardiology was faxed the EKG. They immediately took her by MedFlight to the cath lab. I was very impressed that Katie identified an issue and immediately took action. Thank you, Katie, for the great pick up and excellent care you gave the patient.