Katie Allen

Katie Allen, BSN

Emergency Department
Fort Wainwright, Alaska
United States

There are many reasons that I can think of that make Katie Allen the perfect DAISY Award Honoree. It starts with her dedication to the staff in the Emergency Department. She has open house each holiday to make sure that there are not any soldiers left alone during those tough times when they are away from all their families. She volunteers for many VA functions to give back to her community. She has actively been a part of our health fairs in the community. I could just go on and on about her service to others. She shines and stands out in our department, our hospital and our community. It is with no wonder that when you look at her care for her patients that she stands out even more.

We had a critical diabetic patient that was in our ED. Katie started her slow and methodical treatment for the patient. Not only did she monitor all the critical labs on this patient, but she took the time to explain every step of the way what we were trying to do for the patient. Although the patient was minimally aware of all the great feats that she was performing for him, there is one thing that stood out and really shook the patient.

Katie took the time to locate his wife, and find transportation for her to the hospital. Once she arrived, she sat her down and slowly started to explain what had been going on. The wife had a ton of questions and Katie made sure that she answered each one. She found out that she had not eaten yet for that day. Before you could blink an eye, Katie was right there offering her her own personal lunch that she brought to work that day. She was so grateful that she started to cry. Katie knew that it was all of the emotional pressure she was feeling that brought her to the point of tears. This patient's wife was terrified that she was going to lose her husband.

Katie made sure that was not going to happen and kept her a part of his care and care decisions. She spent time teaching her and the patient about his diabetes and what lead him to be in the state he was that day. The patient remained so critical that he had to be transferred to FMH's ICU. Again, Katie jumped right in and took care of transportation for his wife. She made sure the nurses in the ICU were aware of the circumstances of the day. The wife was so grateful for all that Katie had done. It was the difference from being in an out of control crisis and coping effectively with the events.

Katie's calm, and caring approach made everything seem to go so smooth.

This is such a perfect snapshot of what Katie is all about. She is what we all hope for in a nurse. She is kind, thoughtful and caring to all the lives that she touches. I am thankful and honored to work with such a wonderful person, and a truly fantastic nurse. She deserves to be our DAISY Award Honoree.