Kathy Weigand

Kathy Weigand, RN

Admission RN
Mercy Health - Fairfield Heart Hospital
Fairfield, Ohio
United States
Kathy is very team driven and never wants anyone to fall behind or in need.

I have been working as an RN for almost 4 years now and I have had numerous encounters with Kathy Wiegand.  Each time she has gone above and beyond her call of duty to make sure I have everything I need and the patient is fully taken care of.  She answers her phone and responds promptly with no complaints or negativity.  She greets each nurse and patient with a smile and a positive attitude which makes for a great shift.  She offers to do extra or even go out of her way to make sure things get done without even being asked.  There was a particular encounter, though that stuck with me.

I was floated to the ED.  I had never floated to this department before and didn't know what to expect.  After report and getting settled I was quick to start my day.  Little did I know what kind of crazy day was ahead of me.  Kathy came in to help with admissions shortly after the start of the shift.  She immediately made sure myself and the other float nurse knew exactly where medications were and made sure to find out what he had done so far so she could start stepping in to get things moving along.  She didn't hesitate a bit when we had patients coming and going to step in to help us when we weren't sure of certain orders or where to find certain things.  She stayed the entire 12-hour shift with us and made sure not only we were ok but that our patients had what they needed.  She went out of her way to finish medications, get new orders, or even transport patients without even being asked, she just did it knowing it would benefit the patient as well as help lighten the workload for someone else.  She is very team driven and never wants anyone to fall behind or in need.  She truly represents the Mercy mission to all she comes across, from patients to staff, to family.  We are so lucky to have her here and appreciate all that she does!