Kathy Martineau

Kathy Martineau

Kathy Martineau, BSN, RN

Spectrum Health Butterworth
Grand Rapids, Michigan
United States
Kathy sympathized and empathized, tears in her eyes of compassion. I felt like the most special person in the world.

I came in for an evaluation for a heart transplant.  I went through all the tests alone, as my wife had to return home and work.  A transplant was my last hope to live a future life, as I’ve had a bad heart all my life.  Tuesday night, the doctor told me the news that I was rejected.  My hopes and dreams for more years with my soulmate, my wife, were gone.  She was home alone and I was alone here. I just heard the most devastating news of my life alone.  What would I do?  How would I feel and survive?

Kathy had been told when she came on shift and then arrived at my door with her arms open, coming to me, and she grabbed me in a hug.  She embraced me with my tears flowing for it seemed like forever.  Just what I needed and wanted, and she understood that.

She was so attentive all night, answered my call lights herself, sat and talked with me multiple times.  She offered and gave me hope for a future I could not see.  She did special little things and made me laugh at times.  She sympathized and empathized, tears in her eyes of compassion.  I felt like the most special person in the world.  I could not imagine what I would have done if she hadn’t been the way she was.  So full of love for others, and compassion like an angel sent to me.  She offered a minister to come down and changed my bed and pillows.

I have had two open hearts, 18 pacemakers, been in the hospital for over 1,000 days plus in my life.  I have never experienced a nurse like Kathy!  Period.  She is one of a kind. Her tireless work and humble personality are so deserving.  Please make her feel as special and cared for as she did me on that fateful Tuesday night.