Kathy Kippenbrock

Kathy Kippenbrock, BSN, RN, CMSRN

Medical Specialities
St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital and Health Care Center
Indianapolis, Indiana
United States

I was a patient for 6 days in April. There was a Nurse who did something that no one else did. Her name was Kathy Kippenbrock, she wore a Nursing Cap, worked the night shift and she was from Evansville. She made eye contact with me when she came into my room and she placed her hand on my arm as she asked me about my pain level. Touch is powerful, and, I forgot how necessary. She kept her hand on my arm as we discussed what I needed to be comfortable through the night. This lowered my anxiety level, made me feel comfortable with her nursing skills and I knew she would "keep me safe through the night".

Kathy offered quiet listening and affirmation. I could tell that Kathy believed the ability to listen and offer a compassionate touch were the "heart of nursing". As nurses are given more patients to care for, "do more with less", learn new equipment and charting, it is easy to lose the focus on the very simple things that can be done at the bedside in very little time. I know Kathy gave me speedy pain relief and she was competent, but the "Power of Touch" is what stayed with me.

This is why I feel Kathy is an outstanding role model for the nursing profession. She exemplifies the essence of professional nursing. Kathy made a difference in my experience as a patient.