Kathy Graf

Kathy Graf

Kathy Graf, RN

Northwest Community Hospital
Arlington Heights, Illinois
United States

Kathy works in our post-surgical unit. She received a nomination from one of her patients who told his story of having a challenging post-operative course because of pain. Kathy worked with the patient to develop a plan of interventions that addressed his pain and supported the patient. He shared that Kathy stopped by his room frequently to check on him and noted that each time she asked how he was doing with a smile.

The patient said, “Her reassuring tone of voice, her happy uplifting way of speaking to me as a patient, and the ability to assess, trouble shoot and solve a problem was very reassuring and comforting. Throughout the night, whenever she walked by my room she looked in, and if I was awake, she spoke to me. Just a few words, but those words made me feel very comforted and safe”. The patient closed his nomination with “She was an excellent nurse”.

Of note is the fact that Kathy also received an additional nomination from a co-worker, a nurse who was floated to her unit. That nurse felt she should be recognized for her willingness to offer support and help team members.