Kathy Goff

Kathy Goff, RN

Labor and Delivery
Jackson, Mississippi
United States

I would like to nominate Kathy Goff for a DAISY Award. Recently I was in the hospital for the birth of my twin boys. I was scheduled for a c-section and was apprehensive about everything - the health of the babies, the actual c-section itself, becoming a mother. I was blessed to have Kathy Goff as my nurse that day. She was a very efficient, competent nurse who provided sincere, compassionate care. I was a nervous wreck before the c-section, but Kathy was so calm, caring and encouraging. She kept telling me that this would be the greatest day of my life. Kathy talked me through the spinal block, kept me focused and calm during the c-section and celebrated the birth of our two little miracles with us. She cared for not only me as her patient, but my entire family. My husband was such an anxious first-time father and Kathy was so positive and calming. My mother said that she felt so much calmer about the surgery after meeting Kathy - she knew that someone was taking care of her "little girl" both mentally and physically. Kathy was right - it was the greatest day of my life. But when I remember that day, I also know that it would not have been near as special without Kathy Goff as my nurse.