Kathy D'Amico

Kathy D'Amico

Kathy D'Amico, RN

Emergency Department
Massachusetts Eye and Ear
Boston, Massachusetts
United States

My husband arrived at Mass. Eye and Ear on Friday March 21 with a detached Retina. At the same time my sister had been in the hospital with Stage IV breast cancer and headed home with hospice. I was her care taker. It was a very stressful time due to the fact that my husband had previously lost vision in his other eye 4 years prior to getting this detached retina in his right eye. I had not slept in 2 days and was totally exhausted and drained! We arrived at 10:30PM on Friday March 21. The ER was pretty quiet and we explained to the nurse everything that was going on. She gave me a bed to sleep in while we waited til the morning to see the doctor. As the day went on, she explained that she had been a care taker for her friend who had recently passed away.

Not only was she compassionate with my husband who had the fear of being totally blind, but she was compassionate with me as well. She even showed me some holds to use with my hands on my sister to ease her pain. She was so understanding and compassionate it made our whole situation seem less stressful.

The next morning she even sent out for coffee and muffins. Kathy D'Amico definitely deserves the DAISY award!