Kathy Bono

Kathy Bono, BSN

UPMC Presbyterian
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

As I sit in my yard each time I see a daisy I will remember my special nurse Kathy Bono. In December I was rushed from Greenville to UPMC Presby. I had tubes in my throat and couldn't talk and was very scared and uncomfortable. When my nurse asked me the normal questions of name, date and where we were, I answered "hell" because I felt like I truly was there. I had been acting uncharacteristically difficult and was feeling sorry for myself.

After awhile I apologized and felt so bad because my nurse in making conversation shared that she was a single mom who had to take a cold shower because her water tank broke this morning and with all this going on she chose to come to work and was given this very unhappy lady to take care of for the day. Fortunately, my daisy was not unkind or nasty, just happy, caring and pleasant and happy to be just doing her job. It brought me to realize that everyone has struggles they are facing but my nurse did not let this spillover into her day.

I will never forget my daisy and how she gave me hope to go on for another day. Kathy is a truly a wonderful person. She deserves a whole bunch of daisies and I will never forget her.