Kathy Bomar

Kathy Bomar, BSN RN ONC CNRN

Clinical Education Services -Neurology and Orthopedics
Methodist University Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

"Life is traumatic enough but when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor I felt like my world ended. I had surgery and months of recovery. There is a girl who holds a support group, her name is Kathy. She is responsible for me having a time every month to talk to other people who have had brain cancer too or something like it. Nurses care but until you have had it--you really don't know and they can't understand. Kathy brings us refreshments every month is so kind to listen to us and understand and has so much energy and love that she shares. I want her to know that I appreciate her and just love her for going out of her way to help people who live in fear that their life will end again at any given minute because the cancer might come back."