Kathy Bergan

Kathy Bergan, RN

5th Medical Oncology
Jupiter Medical Center
Jupiter, Florida
United States

Kathy is an amazing nurse. She is a credit to the nursing profession. She always has a good attitude and I have also learned so much from her. One day I had a patient that needed to be transferred to the ICU. Kathy was there to help, even when the unit was very busy.

In every code or situation on the unit Kathy is a leader. She developed an oncology course/page for all medical nurses on the 5th Floor, educating them on oncology patients. It was so helpful.

I am a new oncology nurse, and Kathy has set the time aside to train and review with all new oncology nurses on chemotherapy and administration. I am so thankful that she would spend the time to teach us all one-on-one.

Kathy always goes beyond the call of duty in educating fellow nurses. Her oncology teaching is superb! She handles stress beautifully and is the first to respond to any emergency. Kathy is an extraordinary mentor who has gained the respect of her peers.