Kathryn Higdon

Kathryn Higdon, RN, RD, LDN

Weight Management Center
Mission Hospital - Ashville
Baytown, Texas
United States

Kathryn completely personifies the qualities that are listed for the DAISY Award. She is totally dedicated to our patients’ every need. They know beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are cared for and can rely upon her to help them with any need. We are a specialty practice and often patients will ask us for more support. I have personally seen and heard Kathryn go above and beyond her professional duties to comfort and support patients, as well as provide practical help. She routinely makes extra phone calls to meet patients’ needs and does so with the utmost respect and compassion. She is exceptional at her job, caring for patients, constantly learning about the bariatric field, and keeping up to date on research. She always handles herself with professionalism. In the area of service excellence, her performance is easy to highlight.

We have had some major changes in our department recently that have necessitated some restructuring. As a result, Kathryn has had to educate many staff members, assume numerous additional responsibilities, and facilitate big changes in clinical operation. She has done so with amazing kindness and grace. My office is near her space and I have listened to her tirelessly educate and re-educate staff with patience (and patients). She has been the go-to person for our entire team- coordinating our medical and surgical staff, as well as taking care of our patients in a compassionate manner. I go to her several times a day to ask the most mundane of questions. And always, without fail, she answers kindly, patiently, and appropriately. Her service is helping all of our staff members to help our patients more effectively so she is making double the difference. When I think of outstanding nursing – I see Kathryn’s face!