Kathleen Winton

Kathleen Winton

Kathleen Winton, RN

Bethesda Health
Boynton Beach, Florida
United States
It was the continuity of Kathy's strikingly personal nursing care that distinguished her.

There was not a single instance in which Kathy excelled. It was the continuity of her strikingly personal nursing care and the consistency of that care, and the professionalism of that care that distinguished her.


Kathleen (Kathy) Winton was hired to Telemetry at Bethesda in July 2016. Kathy is from Fayetteville, Georgia and worked as a paramedic for many years in Lawrenceville Georgia.  Kathy eventually began working as a paramedic at Atlanta Medical Center until she transferred to Florida while working as a paramedic at West Boca Medical Center.  Kathy attained her RN license in early 2016 and was part of the July new grad RN training here at Bethesda Hospital East.