Kathleen Donley

Kathleen Donley

Kathleen Donley, BSN, RN, CVN

UPMC Shadyside
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

Kathleen was caring for a patient that was hospitalized for several months in the CTICU. The husband had been at his wife's side for much of her lengthy inpatient stay, but he needed to return to the Harrisburg area several hours away to check on the couple's home, catch up on mail, and take care of other household chores.

Unfortunately, when he went to his car the February frigid weather derailed his plans. The husband's vehicle battery was drained by this month's cold.

Kathleen put the wheels into motion to ease this dilemma starting with a plan to purchase a new battery. She orchestrated calls to a local auto parts store seeking a discounted rate on a new battery. She approached her Unit Director who willingly offered funds from the CTICU kitty fund to cover the expense. She sought the assistance of her co-worker to install the new battery during some of the coldest days we had all season. She truly went above and beyond.