Kathleen Calimquim

Kathleen Calimquim, RN

Kaiser Permanente Vacaville Medical Center
Vacaville, California
United States

My sister when admitted through ER, was moved to your ICU. Her doctor and her nurse, Kathleen, were professional and provided us information continually. At one point, we were actually talking about my sister's final wishes. During her stay, we found that she had nine crushed discs which were causing her the chronic pain. Having been in my sister's room most days, I can tell you that the doctor and Kathleen actually did save her life. They hardly left her side and made multiple decisions based on her renal failure, pneumonia, dehydration, heart condition, and extremely low blood pressure. I cannot express to you and Kaiser how thankful we were that my sister is alive and will eventually recover. Her doctor and Kathleen are without a doubt "angels of mercy," Kaiser should be proud that these two women are your employees. I hope there will be some way you can reward their exceptional actions.

Note: This is Kathleen’s 2nd DAISY Award!