Katherine Pyros

Katherine Pyros, CRNA

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

One person with whom I work a lot is Kathy Pyros. This is an individual who arrives at work earlier than most of her peers. She readily volunteers for the busiest room. Her time management skills are unmatched. She is forward thinking and facilitates the preparation of the next patient to the extent that she is able. In my experience, no one is capable of performing more volume per unit time than Kathy. In a crisis, Kathy is a person that a surgeon is glad to have in the room. On the personal side, her consideration of her peers is consistent and beyond any others. She is always the ear that listens and the heart that feels. I know the support she has given to anyone in need of it. She invites employees to her home on holidays if she is made aware of the fact that they might be alone. She does not miss a special occasion or a sorrowful one when they arise. She is willing to do any task no matter how trivial or unrelated to her own job description that it is. Finally, my personal acid test is the feedbck I receive from patients and their parents. In my tenure at CHP, I can think of no individaul who is requested more often by my patients or, at least complimented, than Kathy. My "frequent flyers" routinely ask whether the "short, dark-haired anesthesiologist" will be working that day. Yes, many have referred to her as the anesthesiologist mistakenly either having forgotten or not understood in the first place that she was the CRNP. Such confusion is not due to any misrepresentation on Kathy's part. She always introduces herself as the nruse pracitoner working with Dr. Blank. Parents cannot say enough about her energy, smile, incredible child friendly skills, and comforting demeanor. From the songs she sings to each child as they walk back to the OR and fall asleep to the "jingle bells" on her shoes that announce her arrival at the holidays, Kathy is one of the best attractions going at CHP.