Katherine A. Molden

Katherine A. Molden

Katherine A. Molden, BSN, RN

Med/Surg Telemetry
WellStar Paulding Hospital
Hiram, Georgia
United States
Katie was always encouraging me to keep moving and to keep being positive.

I had a Laparoscopic Sigmoid Colectomy performed recently. Katie was my daytime Nurse for 2 of the 3 full days that I was in the hospital. Katie always made sure that I was comfortable, relaxed, and in as little pain as possible. I know this is what Nurses do, but what made her so special was her attitude. She never opened the door without a smile on her face and never left my room without asking, “Is there anything else that I can do or get for you?” I have never been a patient before and was a little scared. If you can imagine a 6’1’’ 220lb, full-bearded, tough biker being scared, I was. She was always there to push me through the panic moments that one may have after colon resection. She was always encouraging me to keep moving and to keep being positive. She would make me smile or laugh, when she could see that I was feeling down both physically and mentally. I firmly believe that 90% of everything is mental. I also believe that because of Katie’s attitude, I was able to keep a good attitude and be discharged a day or 2 earlier than originally expected. As a husband and a father of 2 young daughters, I think Katie understood that I wanted to be upbeat for them when they were able to visit. With my wife being a teacher and both my daughters being athletes and excellent students, their time was very limited to see me.

I have spent the last 8 months as the Primary Care Giver and POA for my 72-year-old mother. She was diagnosed with Bile Duct Cancer back in January. Her surgery was successful, however, she spent several months in and out of the hospital. More in than out. When I was in the hospital, my Mother was also there on another unit. It broke my heart that I could not be beside her, as I had been for the last 8 months 8-12 hours a day. Katie knew this and worked so diligently to keep me calm about not being able to be up there with my mother. During all the time that my mother was in the hospital she had good nurses, but I wish she could’ve had Katie.

I came to the realization that it is not the steel and concrete that holds up the hospital, but it is the nurses and their staff that hold that building together. Katie is the epitome of that key support pillar that is the embodiment of my point. With tears of happiness in my eyes and a warming peace in my heart, I would very much like to thank Katie. She is a true DAISY Nurse!