Katherine Dick

Katherine Dick

Katherine Dick, BSN

Cardio/pulmonary Stepdown
The Christ Hospital Health Network
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States

I just want to give special recognition to Kathy Dick. Out of all the nurses that I work with (and I work with a very good crew) I have to definitely give credit to Kathy. It is almost unbelievable on how good her 1 on 1 care is with patients and how she always has time to see if we PCAs need any kind of help, and usually won't take "no thanks" for an answer. Just recently we had a heavier patient to care for that was scheduled for Q2 turns throughout the night. One round I decided to do the patient myself because she appeared busy, when she was ready to turn the patient I told her that I already did. She then made me promise to never turn the patient without her ever again, which was fair enough since the guy is pretty heavy even for me.

She is a very genuine Nurse by practice and she is always straight forward with her families, co-workers and patients. Her focus on her duties is unequal and very sharp, and any concern that I have as a PCA never goes unnoticed and always is followed up very quickly. Many occasions during rush time she would do many things on your behalf before you realize it ranging from doing blood sugars to cleaning your rooms for you, she is always asking if there's anything we need and will then check to make sure that the groups we share are always tidied up and situated.

I always feel motivated and ensured that the people under her care will definitely be in extraordinary hands every time I see myself paired up with her in the assignment sheet. I always feel like I need to stay focused and maintain that no-nonsense approach to things I do while still maintaining the characteristics of a good caregiver for the sake of our patients and their affected loved ones.