Kate Hasty

Kate Hasty

Kate Hasty, RN

Surgical Unit
Providence St. Vincent Medical Center
Portland, Oregon
United States

I was a patient in the surgical wing of St. Vincent's for approximately 3 weeks. I could not have endured this lengthy inpatient period without the support of Kate Hasty.

Kate was my primary nurse and was a supportive role during the remainder of my extended stay. I nominate her because of these skills but beyond that for her upbeat, positive and optimistic view, which are the primary reason I am now able to continue my recovery. Depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behavior have been a constant my entire life. My medical condition made these conditions far worse. I feared that if I slept, I would not wake up. I could only sleep with a combination of drugs including Ambien and other opioids. And I was constantly coughing from a valve placed in my lung. During this entire time, Kate was more than a nurse. She was my defacto psychologist as well as my nurse. She encouraged me not to give in to my mental condition and repeatedly convinced me that I would improve, and that discharge was in my future. She encouraged me to get out of bed and keep walking and cheered my every progress.

While the entire Providence nursing staff provided excellent service, Kate was the continuous presence during this long and difficult hospitalization. I directly owe my continuing progress in recovery to her.