Kate Brundridge

Kate Brundridge, RN

Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
Portland, Oregon
United States

Kate was Dad's (and our) day nurse the last two days of his life. Her competence and nursing skills impressed me right away and this impression only increased during Dad's stay. It also become clear that she is wonderfully sensitive and kind.

Kate helped to give us background and understanding of my dad's condition, the situation we were facing the reasons behind the measures that were taken. She gave us very good and wise guidance regarding the best course to take when it was time to leave Dad before his transport to the funeral parlor. She was on duty when Dad died, and was so supportive, caring and helpful while also being discreet and unobtrusive.

Her timing at each step was perfect. She had a feel for us and the situation that was exactly right. Kate is a shining light and the ultimate professional in a job that demands a high level of competence, excellent communication skills and a lot of compassion.