Katarzyna Gawor-Ofiara

Kasia Gawor-Ofiara

Katarzyna Gawor-Ofiara, RN

St. Alexius Medical Center
Hoffman Estates, Illinois
United States
Every time I saw Kasia, she was carrying a smile that helped to lighten up my mood.

During my 5 day stay, I have met some wonderful nurses from different shifts. One thing particularly distinguishes Kasia from other nurses: every time I saw her, she was carrying a smile that helped to lighten up my mood.  Her smile is not only for me but for other patients as well.   She takes care of patients very well, not just in terms of bringing pills and changing IV bags, but in terms of her prompt response to patient's needs.  Wherever she goes, she has the pager with her so that she can attend to the needy patients immediately.  I was admitted to the hospital because of the dehydration caused by severe diarrhea and she was the only one who explained to me how the imbalance of Potassium and Sodium caused dehydration and how it made me suffer.

I also have the chance to witness how she trained intern students.  She was very thorough, explaining everything in great detail and made sure that the students fully understand them.  I jokingly told her that she if did not pursue a career in teaching, it would be a real loss to a lot of students majoring in nursing.

To sum up, I think Kasia is not only a good nurse but a nurse that has done more than what her job description requires.  For this reason, I strongly believe Kasi GoGo is a DAISY Nurse!