Karyn Hanken

Karyn Hanken, BSN, RN, CPN

Acute Care
Seattle Children's
Seattle, Washington
United States
Karyn had the sparkle that our daughter really needed.

Karyn was instrumental in lifting our daughter’s mood and letting us sleep after she had an ameloblastoma removed from her jaw. Karyn didn’t bat an eyelash after seeing the sizable void in her mouth. She picked right up on our daughter’s personality and talked about her phone case and every other 11-year-old girl obsession. Karyn had the sparkle that our daughter really needed. She even cried when she left. Karyn is a pediatric nurse. Not a nurse who treats children but truly a pediatric nurse. She gave our daughter (and us) a detailed plan on what to expect throughout the night for pain management and she followed it. Every time she entered the room, she explained what she was doing and how long it would take. She moved with the gracefulness of a butterfly so she wouldn’t unnecessarily wake anyone sleeping. She is truly a gem and we would request her for future surgeries if we could. We’re her biggest fans.